13.3 Creating Your Instagram Power Account

Last update Jul 13, 2022

You and your business are now ready for a successful Instagram account. But even if you already have an account, you may wish to tweak and optimize it from time to time to stay relevant. Here are some tips for setting up your account and getting the most out of it. Here are two main steps to begin your Instagram journey.

1. Switching to a Business Account

By switching to a business account, you will gain access to additional data and resources. These resources are great for advertising on Instagram, giving you useful insights, such as who's visiting your profile and who likes your photos and videos.

2. Crafting a great Instagram bio

Write a bio that resonates with your target audience with messages, emojis, and hashtags. That will make your customers fall in love with you and engage with you on the platform.

To ensure you're following in their footsteps, we'll assess the value of the big brand names like Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, and Dior. We will also learn to analyze each of their Instagram profiles. We want to ensure that you can also win on Instagram as they do. Your business information will also be added to your profile in the future, making it easy for customers to get in touch with your company via phone, email, or both.