Facebook Plans to Remove Text Limits in Ad Images

29 Sep 2020
Facebook Plans to Remove Text Limits in Ad Images

A new update on Facebook Ad images seems to be exciting for Facebook advertisers. Previously, Facebook had a definite limit on the image text included in Facebook Ad Images. Only the ad images with the image text range below 20% were permitted to be advertised on Facebook. This implementation restricted the creativity of Facebook advertisers and their contents.

According to Facebook:

We've found that images with less than 20% text perform better. With this in mind, we recommend keeping your text short, clear and concise in order to get your message across effectively.”

Due to the limit, Facebook advertisers were constantly in a tricky position as the ad image’s approval or rejection can only be known after submitting to Facebook. Besides impacting creativity, it puts a dent in the workflow and schedule too.

The good news is: Facebook is gradually removing the text limitation on Facebook Ad Images.

Facebook also encourages advertisers to use its text overlay tool to take note of the proportion of text to image. Despite the removal of text content limitations on ad images, Facebook recommends advertisers and marketers to be precise and direct on the text used. The tool provides instant results on the image’s text content which indicates the potential reach of the Facebook ad.

Source: Facebook

It is still advisable to abide by Facebook’s suggestions on text limits on ad images. However, the ad images with more text content will not be rejected by Facebook once the limits are removed. Facebook advertisers will be allowed to include as much text as they intend to for their campaigns.