11.6 What Type of Content Should I Create?

Last update Jul 27, 2022

Everyone can start to make TikTok videos without having to be a great editor, as the platform provides simple features such as to add text, filters, special effects, voiceover and voice effects, clip adjustment, stickers, and auto captions. To make your marketing videos go viral, you may want to try these types of contents:

1. Satisfying/Calming Videos: Some people do find themselves enjoy watching ASMR videos. You can start making your own ASMR or calming videos from your daily business routine; let's say you're packing for customer's orders. Search it up yourself for packing or organizing videos with no music and no talking on TikTok. They are so much fun and surely satisfying to watch!

2. Unboxing Videos: Not only packing videos, you can also make unboxing video. Try to make unboxing videos from customer's POV so they have the ideas of how their package would look like once they're arrived.

3. Dialogue Reenactment: If you've been scrolling TikTok, you may find sounds that is made up from movie dialogues, or other things such as interviews. This is also a great idea to use on your content and if that sound is on trending, this will drive up the chance for your video to enter users' For You page and gain a lot of views. Some dialogue reenactment videos on TikTok even gain millions of views since people really love them. You can make this kind of video and promoting your business at the same time. Just find the ones that fit you the most and cram up for some ideas on how to make it fun.

4. Collaborations with Influencers: If you're selling F&B products, you can look up for food vloggers or enthusiasts that are famous on TikTok to review your products. The same thing goes for other products or service that your business has to offer. A lot of influencers are clever enough to 'sneak' the promotions they're doing with the contents for their niche, and most of the time, they wouldn't look like hard-selling contents since it blends naturally with their video.

5. Live Videos: TikTok provides the feature for you to livestream, just like YouTube and Instagram. Try to do live videos frequently and schedule them, you can also do live for big sale seasons, such as double date or end of year sales. What sellers usually do is also to give special price for those who joined the live. Do not forget to make an announcement video so your followers or users that happen to see your video will be notified beforehand.

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