Do Facebook Ads Work? Here’s How You Can Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance

18 Sep 2020
Do Facebook Ads Work? Here’s How You Can Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance

Facebook has regulated new limits on concurrent ads effective February 2021. The limits ranging from 250 to 20,000 ads at a time are set to effectively maximise the reach of the ads to Facebook users. According to Facebook, excessive ads increase advertisers’ campaign costs but deliver less to the audience. Thus, this new implementation of the ads limit comes in handy. Read more about the new limit here!

Why Are Facebook Ads Important?

Facebook advertising is one of the leading approaches in social media marketing. It is a paid advertising platform like many other online advertisements. Still, advertisers can use Facebook as a cost-efficient advertising platform if they have a clear strategy.

One of the best features of Facebook ads is the targeting tool. With this feature, you can customise to target a specific set of audience based on your Facebook ads. You will also be able to tailor the settings according to the following aspects:

  • Audience

Target the audience according to your ads’ needs. Be specific to the age group and the gender so that your ads reach the right set of people.

  • Interests

Narrow the area of interest to be relevant to your ads. For example, if you are trying to promote your energy drink, make sure your target is set for those who are interested in fitness and health.

  • Location

Your advertisement has to be very particular on the location you are marketing. You can include the city or the country you are targeting.

  • Test ads

It is highly recommended to test run your Facebook ads. This will indicate the success rate of your ads before you launch the campaigns online.

Facebook advertising can be costly if you are not prepared with the basics. Understanding these criteria will serve your ads with the best results. There will be higher chances of growth in the number of people liking and following your Facebook business page. This will also increase the potential of your business online. Thus, it is imperative for advertisers to have a well-planned strategy prior to creating Facebook ads.

Here Are 5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Ads

As much as Facebook provides an incredible system for online advertising, some advertisers are prone to yield lesser turnover compared to the cost of advertising. The following are five simple steps that you could follow to achieve a successful Facebook ads campaign.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Essentially, you will have a rough idea of your product or service that you wish to market through Facebook ads. But it is important to be clear on the main purpose of your advertising and the numbers you aim to achieve through the FB Ads campaign. You can start by having a simple goal of increasing traffic to your page or your website through Facebook ads.

Pick Your Objectives Wisely

Facebook will provide a list of objectives for you to decide based on your campaign. There are 3 main categories you can choose from:

  • Awareness which directs attention to your product or service
  • Consideration which encourages people to know more about your business
  • Conversion which engages people to use your product or service

You will have to decide on the most suitable objective based on your campaign goals.

Always Test Run and Budget Wisely

Always test run your ad. This will help you to decide on your strategies including the budget. The preview of your Facebook ad will help you to optimise the reach of your ad’s impact.

Identify Your Audience

The key to know your audience will most certainly improve your ad reach. Based on the adjustments on the demographics shown below, you will be able to preview the potential reach of your ad in “Audience Definition”. The success of your ad is dependent on people’s interaction with your campaign.

Be More Visual

Let your creativity flow as you add more images or videos into your ad. You can either add an existing post or create a new one on the canvas Facebook provides. Most importantly, choose the ad placements based on your campaign’s objective. Facebook will help to recommend the ad formats and placements which are designed to enhance your ad.

Create an Engaging Facebook Ads Now

The best Facebook ads will undeniably lead to promising sales. As an online business owner, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer, you should always make the most out of Facebook ads to maximise the number of leads.