1.9 FAQ

Last update Nov 12, 2019


Can I be a publisher if i don't have any website ?

If you want to register as an ACCESSTRADE publisher but don't have a website, you can choose other options such as registering a blog or social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) that you have when you fill in the Site URL column.

Can I use the same link for my multiple social media account ?

Publishers cannot use the same Site URL when adding a Site, because each Site URL owned by the publisher is uniquely defined by the ACCESSTRADE system. Then, publishers are requested to use a different URL when adding a new Site.

What if I forgot my password ?

To solve this problem, you can access the forgot password page at the address https://publisher.accesstrade.co.id/#/sign-in/forgot-password.

On the forgot password page, you are required to input the email address of the publisher account then click the Send Email button. Next, you will receive a message containing a temporary password that you can use when login and you can change it when you enter the publisher dashboard through the account settings menu.

Can I change my email login ?

Publishers who have plans to change their login email can send an email requesting change of login email at : 

  1. Publisher Indonesia : info@accesstrade.co.id.
  2. Publisher Singapore : support-sg@accesstrade.global.
  3. Publisher Malaysia : support-my@accesstrade.global.
  4. Publisher Vietnam : support@accesstrade.vn.
  5. Publisher Thailand : info@interspace.co.th, and
  6. Publisher Japan : https://member.accesstrade.net/atv3/contact.html#_ga=2.106425291.914052867.1570780795-2073957146.1570676877.


Can I apply for more than one campaign ?

Publishers can apply for more than one campaign,please be advised that the process of applying the campaign requires a process up to 3 working days (Monday to Friday).

How do I see campaigns from other countries ?

For publishers who want to register or view campaigns from other countries. It’s not possible as every country has a different campaign.

How long does the campaign registration take ?

Campaign registration that has been carried out by the publisher will take up to 3 working days (Monday to Friday).

How do I contact ACCESSTRADE team if I face any issue ?

To help answer these questions, you can send the question via email at :

  1. Publisher Indonesia : info@accesstrade.co.id.
  2. Publisher Singapore : support-sg@accesstrade.global.
  3. Publisher Malaysia : support-my@accesstrade.global.
  4. Publisher Vietnam : support@accesstrade.vn.
  5. Publisher Thailand : info@interspace.co.th, and
  6. Publisher Japan : https://member.accesstrade.net/atv3/contact.html#_ga=2.106425291.914052867.1570780795-2073957146.1570676877.



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