1.1 Introduction

Last update Sep 21, 2016

Overview of ACCESSTRADE Global

If you need a perfect solution for affiliate marketing, then you have come to the right place. ACCESSTRADE is one of the largest CPA affiliate marketing networks in Japan and South East Asia.


ACCESSTRADE by Interspace Co. Ltd started its operations since 1999 with its main headquarter in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and was founded by Shinichiro Kawabata. ACCESSTRADE established their first SEA branch in 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Later, the company expands the business to other countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. ACCESSTRADE is currently supporting over 8,500 advertisers and 790,000 publishers.


At ACCESSTRADE, our mission is to help the growth of our partners’ businesses by providing a great system that helps connect Advertisers and Publishers.

How do we do it?
With the company’s experiences of more than 20 years, consultancy is provided with a wide variety of knowledge. ACCESSTRADE commits to bring full support to its clients focusing on those who need help in the affiliate sector.

For Advertiser
ACCESSTRADE will help advertisers to connect with thousands of Publishers at once via our affiliate marketing network. Supported by an excellent system and a great team, ACCESSTRADE will bring only the best efforts for our advertiser’s marketing campaigns!

For Publisher
ACCESSTRADE makes sure Publishers gets the best commission rate in the industry and of course, a full support system from tracking integration to payment processes. With over 15,000 campaigns from various verticals, ACCESSTRADE is confident that publishers are able to generate exponential income via affiliate marketing

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