1.4 How to start promoting

Last update Nov 12, 2019

Congratulations, you're now successfully registered into a campaign! You can start using affiliate links on your media platforms. Now, let’s look into where to get an affiliate link and how to use it.

Campaign application

How do you promote a campaign ?

After the registered campaign has been approved by the advertiser, the publisher can take the affiliate link on the Campaign > Affiliated Campaign menu.

On this page, publishers will be able to see the list of campaigns that are already affiliated and and can be run at any time.

How to install affiliate links ?

To get an affiliate link, choose a campaign in the 'Affiliated Tab', click on "Get Affiliate Link". 


Copy and paste the pop-up with the affiliate link ready for you. You can take the affiliate links to post on your website, blogs or social media. Affiliate links can be in the form of Quick Links and Banners.



Which tracking link should I use ?

On the ACCESSTRADE publisher dashboard, there are several affiliate link options that can be used to promote a campaign. But which affiliate link is suitable for you?

Wha is the difference between quick link, banners, customer creatives and text links ?

  1. Quick Links
    Quick links are affiliate links can be used by publishers to direct website visitors directly to the main page of the campaign.

  2. Banners 
    Publishers can use banners which are fitted with affiliate links to share and publish promotional messages from the campaigns.

  3. Custom Creatives
    This is where you can redirect your traffic to a different landing page within the advertiser’s page. For example, to a specific product.

  4. Text Links
    Clickable text format more commonly known as hyperlinks. Text that are embedded with URL link are often referred to as hyperlinks Campaign tools.

Campaign tools

Where do I get my banners ?

Publishers who want to use affiliate links in the form of images can use the banners option available on the ACCESSTRADE publisher dashboard. Follow these steps to get started.

1. Click campaigns and pick your Affiliated campaign, then click on the logo >


2. A new tab will open, then click banner tab >


3. Select the image you want >


4.You can select the size then click download >


5. If you have a website or blog, you can copy the HTML link in the Banner Link Code  >



How do I use product feed ?

Publishers can download data in the product feed navigation menu for campaigns that provide it in the form of .csv format.

To use it, publisher can upload the product feed data into their system

Please be advised that the use of product feeds are generally used by publishers with comparison website categories.

Important information on campaign details ?

It is important for publishers to read the details of the campaigns as there are terms and conditions which will be taken into consideration when the advertiser is approving your commission.

Clicking onto the icon of the campaign will transfer you to a pop-up page of the campaign details consisting of conversion, reward, and traffic.

Is there any voucher available for me to use ?

Vouchers are available for publishers with certain categories such as cashback sites or voucher sites. But for the general publisher, if you want a voucher, you can contact ACCESSTRADE team.

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